SWITCH – Car Sharing, no trouble has been selected for Urban Tech WorkLab: pre-acceleration program promoted by LVenture Group and Regione Lazio through Lazio Innova in partnership with Linkem, Sara Assicurazioni e Toyota.

Urban Tech WorkLab will incubate and validate those disruptive solutions that truly bring humans back on the core of urban living, making urban spaces more interconnected, sustainable and efficient.

We won a first (equity free) grant of 2.500 € and the participation to a 3 months program hosted in the LVenture Group and LUISS EnLabs Hub in Rome.

3 startups will be selected at the end of the program from Linkem, Sara Assicurazioni and Toyota to realize a PoC (Proof of Concept), with the support of Cariplo Factory, and will be able to get another equity-free prize of 10.000€.

SWITCH is a mobile app built to free people who live in big cities from the pain of not finding available parking slots or vehicles while using sharing mobility services, such as car sharing, smartly connecting users that are driving a vehicle with users needing one.

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