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Discover how SWITCH’s AI-powered products, tailored for shared mobility companies, empowers you to master urban mobility challenges. With our specialized tools, Urbiverse for strategic planning and Urban Copilot for operational management, we ensure your fleet operations are efficient and profitable.

Understanding Shared Mobility Challenges

Fleet Utilization and Distribution

Achieving optimal availability and strategic deployment of vehicles.

Operational Efficiency

Enhancing the efficiency of maintenance, charging, and fleet rebalancing.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Utilizing advanced analytics for strategic adjustments and real-time responses.

Sustainability and Compliance

Meeting city requirements and sustainability objectives, elaborating reports.

AI-Powered Simulations for Urban Fleets

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Tailored Solutions for Shared Mobility

Urban Copilot

Enhances operational management through sophisticated AI-driven demand forecasting and fleet optimization.


Supports strategic planning with detailed scenario simulations for market expansion, compliance, and infrastructure planning.

Detailed Solution Breakdown

Urban Copilot

Demand Prediction

Forecasts mobility demand with high accuracy, ensuring fleet readiness aligns with user needs.

  • Benefits: Reduces idle times, balances supply and demand, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Operations Optimization

Implements efficient routing and rebalancing using advanced algorithms.

  • Benefits: Cuts operational costs, boosts fleet efficiency, and ensures high service reliability.


Scenario Simulation

Enables testing of various strategic decisions such as market entries and tender applications.

  • Benefits: Informed infrastructure investment, efficient resource allocation, and reduced operational costs.

Infrastructure Planning

Assists in optimal placement of charging stations and parking hubs to prevent urban clutter.

  • Benefits: Guides strategic placement of infrastructure, reduces operational costs, and supports sustainable urban growth.

Fleet Electrification Simulation

Evaluates the impact of transitioning to electric fleets.

  • Benefits: Helps plan for sustainability, assesses operational impacts, and supports environmental goals.

Integration and Customization

Urbiverse and Urban Copilot seamlessly integrate into existing systems, available both as SaaS for scalability and via API for modular adaptability.

With successful integrations across leading white-label fleet management platforms, SWITCH ensures that our solutions not only align with your operational frameworks but significantly improve their capabilities.

Elevate your shared mobility business with SWITCH

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What is SWITCH's approach to shared mobility?

SWITCH offers Urbiverse and Urban Copilot, both available as SaaS solutions or integrated via API, to enhance fleet management and urban mobility planning. These platforms allow for real-time demand forecasting, strategic infrastructure planning, and operational optimization tailored to shared mobility companies.

How does SWITCH integrate with existing fleet management systems?

SWITCH platforms are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing fleet management systems, including major white-label solutions. This allows for enhanced functionality and interoperability within your existing operational ecosystem.

How can SWITCH help in achieving financial sustainability goals for shared mobility operators?

Our solutions help operators align with sustainability goals through efficient fleet utilization, optimized route planning, and reduced operational waste. By improving fleet efficiency and reducing idle times, SWITCH aids in decreasing the overall environmental impact of shared mobility operations.

What support does SWITCH offer during and after integration?

SWITCH offers comprehensive support that includes system integration assistance, training for your team, and ongoing technical support to ensure smooth operation and maximization of your platform’s capabilities. We provide continuous optimization services to keep your operations aligned with industry best practices and technological advancements.

What is the typical implementation timeframe for SWITCH solutions?

The integration process is quick and efficient, typically completed within 1 to 5 working days, depending on the existing infrastructure of your product.

How scalable are SWITCH's solutions for different fleet sizes?

Our solutions are highly scalable and are optimized for fleets starting from 100 vehicles within a single city. They can also efficiently accommodate smaller and especially larger fleets and complex operations across multiple locations, ensuring flexibility and adaptability as your business grows.

Embrace the future of shared mobility with SWITCH

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