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Make Better Decisions With AI-Simulations and Synthetic Data Generation

Product Features

Synthetic Data Modeling

Use advanced Generative AI to create realistic synthetic urban datasets.

Benefit: Allows planners to simulate changes and make data-driven decisions affordably.

Strategic Infrastructure Planning

Use advanced analytics to pinpoint ideal locations for micromobility hubs and EV charging stations.

Benefit: Optimize urban transport, improve service efficiency, and cut congestion and pollution.

Enhanced Decision-Making Tools

Integrate URBIVERSE’s insights for better predictive accuracy in urban planning.

Benefit: Provide tools to forecast urban needs for sustainable growth and goal alignment.

Scenario Simulation

Simulate development scenarios with URBIVERSE to plan and adjust pre-implementation.

Benefit: Foresee city-wide impacts to optimize strategies and save resources.

How It Works

Step No.

01. Connect and Customize

Simply connect your fleet data and tailor the settings to your specific needs.

Step No.

02. Simulate & Analyze

Run simulations to see how changes impact your operations and analyze the results.

Step No.

03. Gain Deep Insights

Analyze the simulation results to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.

Step No.

04. Make Smarter Decisions

Leverage data-driven insights to optimize your fleet performance and shape the future of mobility.


How does Urbiverse help in evaluating the performance of a new venture before launching it or expanding services to a new city?

Definitely! Urbiverse uses synthetic data modeling to generate detailed simulations of how your new venture, such as a shared mobility or food delivery initiative, will perform in terms of efficiency and pricing. This enables you to make informed decisions prior to potentially launching a new project or expanding your services to a new city

Is Urbiverse suitable for small or large fleet planning?

Urbiverse is great for both small and large fleet planning projects. Whether you want to revamp a fleet of 100 vehicles or expand your service to tens of thousands of vehicles, Urbiverse equips you with the necessary tools and data to make strategic decisions.

How can I use Urbiverse to improve city traffic conditions?

By running scenario simulations in Urbiverse, you can predict and plan the effects of traffic management strategies and infrastructure improvements on urban traffic flow, helping to reduce congestion and enhance mobility.

What kind of data inputs does Urbiverse need?

Urbiverse utilizes generative AI to produce synthetic data sets that accurately represent real-world conditions. This data can be generated based on the information you provide, including uploads or a live connection to your existing fleet management app’s APIs. Examples of the data you can input include trips data, fleet composition, and operational strategy.

How secure is my data with Urbiverse?

Data security is a top priority for Urbiverse. All user data is encrypted and stored securely, maintaining your data’s confidentiality and integrity.

Could you provide me with some examples of the simulations that Urbiverse can run?

URBIVERSE is a powerful tool for simulating the future of mobility. Here are just a few examples of its capabilities:

  • Impact of new mobility services: See how a new ride-sharing or bike-sharing program might affect city traffic.
  • Demand forecasting for autonomous vehicles: Estimate the demand for self-driving cars in a specific area.
  • Optimizing fleet profitability: Find the ideal fleet size for a delivery company, balancing cost efficiency with fulfilling customer demand.
  • Simulating delivery efficiency: Analyze how many deliveries a fleet of a certain size can complete within a timeframe.
  • Electric fleet impact: Simulate the costs, range sufficiency, and environmental benefits of switching to electric vehicles.
  • Optimizing urban mobility infrastructure: Identify the best locations for micromobility hubs, dedicated fleet parking, and electric vehicle charging stations.

These are just a few examples, and the possibilities are endless! URBIVERSE can be customized to run many other simulations depending on your specific needs in traffic management, fleet operations, and urban planning.

Start Your Simulations with URBIVERSE