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About Switch

What is SWITCH

SWITCH is transforming urban mobility and logistics management with its groundbreaking products, Urbiverse and Urban Copilot. By integrating advanced machine learning and AI simulation technologies, SWITCH streamlines fleet management and planning, enhancing operational efficiency. Our predictive analytics reshape how companies optimize their operations, providing valuable insights that anticipate mobility demand and revolutionize urban logistics.

What makes SWITCH unique?

Fleet planning and management are inseparable when your goals are efficiency and profitability, especially if we aim to tackle sustainability effectively. A well-managed but poorly planned mobility system will fail, just as a well-planned system will underperform if poorly managed. They’re two sides of the same coin, essential to a successful operation. That’s the core of our belief at SWITCH: managing these elements together is the key to a fleet that works.

Who can benefit from using SWITCH?

SWITCH targets shared mobility, urban logistics (last-mile/delivery) companies, and local governments seeking streamlined fleet management and planning solutions.

What it does

How does SWITCH help in urban mobility planning?

SWITCH assists with fleet planning through Urbiverse, an AI-driven product that simulates various scenarios to determine optimal fleet sizes and strategically locate parking and charging stations. By providing cities with actionable insights, Urbiverse empowers more sustainable and efficient urban mobility decisions​​.

What are the data inputs for the Demand Model?

Our AI engine, PULSE-AI, draws from a rich array of data sources to forecast mobility demand with remarkable accuracy. It integrates trip histories, weather conditions, event impacts, and city characteristics. By meticulously analyzing these diverse datasets, PULSE-AI identifies trends and patterns that optimize fleet distribution while predicting future transportation needs, enabling organizations to plan efficiently and stay ahead of evolving mobility demands.

Can SWITCH simulate urban mobility scenarios?

Yes, Urbiverse by SWITCH allows simulation of various scenarios to aid decision-making on fleet size, parking, and charging stations based on comprehensive data integration.

What types of operations can SWITCH handle?

SWITCH can manage single and double operations like battery swaps, vehicle rebalancing and delivery operations across multiple locations.

How does SWITCH integrate with city events?

The Events & Future Insights tool utilizes the “Switch score” to assess the impact of city events on mobility demand, helping in strategic vehicle distribution.

How does SWITCH support sustainability in urban mobility?

By optimizing shared-mobility and sustainable logistics services, SWITCH helps reduce CO2 emissions and promotes a cleaner, more sustainable urban environment.

Kickoff and Care

How can I get started with SWITCH?

To begin using SWITCH, you can request a demo through our website,, or contact our sales team directly at to discuss your specific needs and set up an account.

What kind of support does SWITCH offer to its customers?

SWITCH offers comprehensive technical support, including personalized assistance via email, phone, and a dedicated customer service portal where you can submit tickets and track the status of your inquiries.

Can SWITCH integrate with existing systems?

Absolutely. SWITCH is designed for seamless interoperability with existing fleet management systems, with market leaders already integrated. If you’ve developed your fleet management platform and mobile app in-house, our team will collaborate closely with you to ensure a smooth integration with your current infrastructure.

Who do I contact if I have specific feature requests or feedback?

SWITCH values customer feedback for continuous improvement. You can submit feature requests or feedback directly through your account dashboard’s support section or by emailing our customer service team at We strive to incorporate user feedback into our ongoing product enhancements.

What training does SWITCH provide for new users?

SWITCH offers initial training sessions and materials as part of the onboarding process, as well as ongoing training resources such as webinars, tutorials, and a comprehensive knowledge base accessible through our website.

Is there a trial period available for new customers?

SWITCH may offer a trial period for new customers to experience the platform before committing to a subscription. Please contact our sales team at for more information about trial availability and terms.

About the Platform

Is there a mobile app for SWITCH?

Our mobile app streamlines operations, ensuring your on-the-ground team handling battery swaps, deliveries, and rebalancing is fully supported. SWITCH is primarily accessible via a web-based interface optimized for both desktop and mobile use, providing flexible access tailored to your team’s needs.

What types of vehicles can be managed with SWITCH?

If it’s connected, we can manage it :-)

How does SWITCH ensure data security?

SWITCH takes data security seriously with robust security practices, regular  audits, and compliance with relevant data protection regulations to ensure that your data remains secure.

Can I customize the dashboard to fit my needs?

Yes, the SWITCH dashboard is fully customizable. You can adjust settings to display the data most relevant to your operations and receive alerts and notifications based on your specific criteria.

How often is the data updated on the SWITCH platform?

Data on the SWITCH platform is updated in real-time to provide you with the most current information possible. This enables effective and immediate decision-making for fleet management and operational adjustments.

Can I monitor vehicle usage and performance in real-time?

Yes, SWITCH provides real-time monitoring capabilities that allow you to track vehicle usage, operational status, and performance metrics directly through the dashboard, enabling you to make informed management decisions instantly.

How does SWITCH help in reducing operational costs?

By optimizing route planning and vehicle distribution, SWITCH helps reduce fuel consumption, minimize idle times, and improve overall fleet efficiency, leading to significant savings in operational costs.