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Explore how SWITCH empowers third-party logistics (3PLs) operations within the shared mobility sector, using our specialized tool, Urban Copilot. Designed for 3PLs managing maintenance, inspection, and rebalancing tasks, our solutions streamline workflows and enhance operational efficiency.

Understanding 3PLs challenges

Efficient Task Management

Coordinating maintenance, battery swaps, vehicle inspections, and rebalancing tasks efficiently.

Forecasting Workload

Predicting the volume of tasks to better plan shifts and resource allocation.

Client Reporting

Creating transparent and detailed client reports for billing and performance evaluations.

Multi-client Coordination

Handling operations across multiple clients efficiently without the overhead of multiple mobile apps.

AI-Powered Simulations for Urban Fleets

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Tailored Solutions for Third-party logistics (3PLs)

Task Efficiency and Forecasting

Enhances planning and execution of maintenance tasks and accurately forecasts upcoming workloads.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Enables the generation of detailed reports for clients and internal use, making billing and performance assessments straightforward and transparent.

Unified Operations Interface

Manages tasks from multiple clients within a single mobile app, simplifying operations and improving routing efficiency.

Detailed Solution Breakdown

Efficient Task Forecasting

  • Features: Utilizes forecasting tools to predict the volume of upcoming tasks, allowing for effective shift planning and resource management.
  • Benefits: Reduces downtime, decreases operational costs, and ensures timely completion of maintenance and rebalancing tasks.

Operations Optimization

  • Features: SWITCH’s proprietary algorithm, OptiMesh, enhances operational efficiency optimizing routing and task allocation based on real-time data and predicted profitability of each task.
  • Benefits: Streamlines operations, minimizes unnecessary travel, and optimizes resource use across multiple client demands.

Reporting Capabilities

  • Features: Generates customizable reports that provide transparency and detailed insights into operations.
  • Benefits: Supports accurate billing, aids in performance assessments, and enhances client satisfaction with clear, detailed operational data.

Multi-client Management

  • Features: A unified mobile app integrates tasks from multiple clients, facilitating the management of diverse operations
  • Benefits: Eliminates the need for multiple apps, optimizes task routing across clients, and increases overall operational efficiency.

Integration and Customization

Urban Copilot is designed for seamless integration, not only with your existing operational systems but also directly with the mobile apps used by the clients of 3PL companies. This integration facilitates a streamlined workflow, allowing 3PLs to manage and execute tasks efficiently through a single interface, even when working with multiple clients.

The platform can be fully customized to align perfectly with the unique operational needs and workflows of your 3PL business, ensuring optimal functionality and enhanced operational efficiency for managing a diverse range of client requirements.

Elevate the efficiency of your third-party logistics operations with SWITCH

Contact us today for a tailored demonstration to discover how Urban Copilot can streamline your workflow and enhance service delivery across your 3PL business.


How can SWITCH enhance task management for 3PL companies?

SWITCH’s Urban Copilot streamlines task management by optimizing routing and scheduling for battery swaps, maintenance, inspection, and rebalancing operations. This ensures tasks are completed more efficiently, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Can Urban Copilot integrate with our clients' existing mobile apps?

Yes, Urban Copilot seamlessly integrates with the mobile apps used by your clients, allowing 3PL companies to manage tasks directly through a unified platform. This integration simplifies the management of multiple clients and enhances the overall operational workflow.

How does Urban Copilot help 3PLs manage multiple clients?

Urban Copilot provides a comprehensive solution that enables 3PLs to manage operations for multiple clients within a single app. This functionality helps in optimizing task execution and routing across different clients, improving efficiency and reducing operational complexities.

What are the benefits of Urban Copilot's forecasting capabilities for 3PLs?

Urban Copilot’s forecasting capabilities allow 3PLs to predict the volume of tasks for the upcoming days or hours, enabling better planning of shifts and resource allocation. This proactive approach helps in managing workload more effectively and ensures high service levels.

Does SWITCH offer customized reporting for 3PL operations?

Yes, SWITCH offers advanced reporting features that allow 3PLs to generate detailed and customizable reports. These reports provide insights into operational performance and client billing, aiding in transparent communication and accurate invoicing.

What support does SWITCH provide to ensure successful implementation for 3PLs?

SWITCH offers comprehensive support from integration to ongoing operations, including technical assistance, user training, and continuous optimization services. This ensures that 3PLs can maximize the benefits of our solutions and maintain high operational standards.

Embrace the future of third-party logistics with SWITCH

Enhance your operational efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and provide exceptional service management for your clients. Join the revolution in 3PL efficiency today with our advanced Urban Copilot solutions.