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Pulse-AI: The Heartbeat of Urban Mobility

At SWITCH, Pulse-AI is our cutting-edge AI engine, meticulously designed to understand and predict the complex patterns of urban mobility.

Leveraging industry-specific Generative-AI, Pulse-AI provides unparalleled forecasts of mobility demands, both met and unmet, across urban landscapes.

Key Features

Advanced Predictive Analytics

PULSE-AI leverages cutting-edge algorithms for forecasting urban mobility patterns, enabling a holistic understanding of future demands. This approach synthesizes various data dimensions to provide a comprehensive predictive outlook.

Industry-specific Generative-AI

It then applies innovative AI techniques to model complex urban mobility scenarios, facilitating the generation of future mobility scenarios from existing data. This method illuminates potential future trends, enhancing strategic planning and decision-making.

Digital Twin & Advanced Simulations

It then creates a digital twin—a virtual model—of the client’s fleet, policies, and infrastructure. Finally, the Simulator generates future and what-if scenarios through micro-simulations of demand and supply interactions. By simulating even the smallest events like bookings and maintenance operations, we predict city-wide outcomes and identify precise areas for improvement.


Precision Forecasting

Delivers accurate predictions of mobility needs, facilitating proactive and strategic planning for urban transportation

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Enables optimized fleet distribution and management, reducing idle times and increasing service availability.

Sustainable Urban Planning

Supports the development of environmentally friendly mobility solutions by predicting demand and optimizing resource allocation.

OptiMesh: Revolutionizing Fleet and Logistics Operations

Discover OptiMesh, SWITCH’s proprietary algorithm that allocates resources and optimizes routing for fleet operations (rebalancing, battery swaps, …) and logistics tasks (food and last-mile delivery), ensuring efficient operations and maximum fleet performance.

Key Features

Adaptive Routing Algorithms

Dynamically adjusts routes based on traffic, vehicle capacity, and operational goals.

Customizable Capacities

Tailors vehicle resource management, including charged batteries and available space, to operational needs.

Efficient Operation Prioritization

Utilizes a scoring system to sequence tasks for optimal profitability and priority fulfillment.

Dual Operation Handling

Manages complex tasks requiring multiple stops with precision, ensuring timely execution.


Operational Excellence

Ensures peak efficiency in shared vehicle management, reducing downtime and maximizing resource utilization.

Cost Reduction

Minimizes operational costs through optimized routing and resource allocation.

Enhanced Profitability

Boosts revenue opportunities by prioritizing high-value operations and streamlining execution.


Adapts to a wide range of scenarios, from small fleets to city-wide operations, with ease.

Transforming Urban Mobility

Together, Pulse-AI and OptiMesh represent the core of our technology stack, offering a revolutionary approach to urban mobility management.

By harnessing the power of AI and digital twin technologies, SWITCH is not just addressing the needs of today’s urban environments but is also paving the way for the sustainable, efficient, and user-centric cities of tomorrow.

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