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How SWITCH Supports All Vehicle Types in Shared Mobility

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A close-up, highly realistic image of shared mobility vehicles: a car, and micromobility vehicles such as an electric scooter, a moped, and an e-bike, with a saddle in an urban environment. The background showcases a city street with modern buildings and greenery.

In urban mobility, diversity in transportation options is key to meeting the varying needs of city users. Shared mobility solutions encompass a wide range of vehicle types, from cars and taxis to bikes and scooters for micromobility, each contributing uniquely to the urban transportation ecosystem. At SWITCH – The Street Witcher, we designed our state-of-the-art platforms, Urbiverse and Urban Copilot, to support all vehicle types and shared fleets, ensuring comprehensive and efficient mobility solutions for modern cities.

Shared Mobility Solutions

  • Car Sharing: Car sharing offers users the convenience of accessing a car without the burdens of ownership. Users can rent cars on a per-minute, hourly or daily basis, making it ideal for errands, business trips, or weekend getaways. Car sharing helps reduce the number of privately owned vehicles on the road, decreasing traffic congestion and lowering emissions.
  • Taxi Services: Taxis provide a reliable and flexible mode of transportation, particularly useful for on-demand trips and in areas not well-served by public transit. Modern taxi fleets often integrate ride-hailing technology, enhancing convenience and accessibility for users.
  • Micromobility: Micromobility includes small, lightweight vehicles such as bicycles, e-bikes, and e-scooters. These vehicles are ideal for short trips and easily integrate into the urban mobility mix. They offer an eco-friendly alternative to car travel, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the last-mile connectivity to public transit systems  .
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Autonomous vehicles are an emerging aspect of shared mobility, offering the potential to revolutionize urban transportation. These self-driving cars, van or buses can enhance efficiency and safety, reduce operational costs, and provide more accessible transportation options .

SWITCH’s Support for All Vehicle Types

At SWITCH, our innovative platforms, Urbiverse and Urban Copilot, utilize advanced AI simulations to handle the diverse requirements of different shared mobility solutions. Here’s how we support each type:

  • Car Sharing: Urbiverse uses advanced data analytics to identify optimal locations for car-sharing hubs, ensuring maximum coverage and convenience for users. Predictive models help anticipate demand patterns, enabling efficient fleet sizing and reducing idle time. Urban Copilot provides real-time monitoring of vehicle status, location, and usage patterns to ensure efficient fleet utilization. Automated scheduling for maintenance and cleaning ensures that cars are always in top condition for users.
  • Taxi Services: Urbiverse analyzes traffic patterns and historical data to suggest optimal routes, reducing travel time and fuel consumption. Urbiverse forecasts peak times and locations, helping taxi fleets position their vehicles where they are most needed. Urban Copilot offers real-time tracking and automated dispatch systems to ensure quick response times and efficient allocation of taxi services. Tools for navigation and traffic updates help drivers provide a smoother and faster ride for passengers.
  • Micromobility: For station-based micromobility solutions, Urbiverse identifies the best locations for docking stations based on user demand and accessibility. For free-floating systems, Urbiverse helps define operational areas that balance user convenience with regulatory compliance. Urban Copilot provides continuous tracking of bikes and scooters to ensure they are available where and when users need them. Automated alerts for maintenance and battery recharging keep the fleet in optimal condition.
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Urbiverse facilitates the integration of autonomous vehicles into shared mobility networks by modeling optimal deployment strategies and operational zones. Urban Copilot enables real-time monitoring and management of autonomous fleets, ensuring they operate efficiently and safely within urban environments .

Advanced Technology for Shared Fleet Management

SWITCH excels in managing both free-floating and station-based shared mobility systems through our advanced Supply Model within PULSE-AI, which powers both Urbiverse and Urban Copilot.

This model creates a digital twin of your fleet, modeling each vehicle’s cost, autonomy, fuel type, and more. It ensures the system aligns with your fleet’s specific needs and usage patterns. The model also includes Policies and Infrastructure for vehicle placement, efficient relocation, and optimal recharging times. For example, it can set policies to recharge all vehicles below 20% battery between midnight and 5 AM.


According to a McKinsey report, shared mobility can significantly contribute to sustainable urban development. In the rapidly changing world of urban mobility, flexibility and adaptability are paramount. At SWITCH – The Street Witcher, we are committed to supporting all types of shared mobility solutions, from car sharing and taxis to micromobility and autonomous vehicles. Our platforms, Urbiverse and Urban Copilot, are designed to provide comprehensive, efficient, and sustainable solutions for managing diverse shared fleets.

To learn more about how SWITCH can help transform your fleet planning and fleet management, get in touch with our team, explore our innovative products by yourself, or request a demo today.